Daintree Rainforest A Success

  Well on the 10th September I travelled to the Daintree Rainforest, near Cows bay.Leaving launceston airport at 6.20am arriving in Melbourne airport at 7.20am to arrive in Cairns at 12.30pm.Hired a car a new LT Commodore, very smooth nice … Continue reading Daintree Rainforest A Success

Recent Tasmania

I’ve been travelling around again on my time off.I had a problem with my heart for a while now which limited me on going places but surgery has fixed the problem and just getting back into fitness and get out more. I have a mate who comes photographing with me Scott Phillips he has a Canon EOS 5D Mk 4 and its a nice DSLR. So I will be adding more to my blogs in the near future so keep an eye out.I sold my 5Ds and bought the Canon 5D mk3 and a Canon 5D mk2 find the mk3 … Continue reading Recent Tasmania