Photoshoot with New Canon 5D Mkiv

Recently from a blog or so back, I purchased a new camera as I had a mishap with the Mk iii model but it will be back and all fixed soon.

Two clients Chris & Teresa for a birthday project they wanted a rockabilly look, using Chris’s Truimph motorbike and Jim Atkin’s tough looking Ford F-100. It was a bright hot day the shoot went for about 2 hours.

They were both easy to work with and they enjoyed the poses and style.

I had a mate Scott Phillips help me with a reflector mostly in gold but did use the white as well.The images from the Canon 5D Mkiv were very sharp and the metering to me was perfect.Also the focusing was perfect.

I used a Canon 580ex ii on top of my camera for some fill as well.

The aim was to get the feel of the 50’s closely focusing on Teresa’s tattoos as she wanted them to be prominent.Chris said he doesnt smile in photos which was fine as I wanted the Marlon Brando & James Dean look which I was happy with the results and so was Chris. The location was an old industrial building with large rustic sliding doors, which was great as I didnt want clatter.I could add graffiti on the walls in background if I needed it.

The photoshoot went well.Results was 66 images and they were very happy with the images.The camera worked well and made my images sharp and focused and lighting great. It was a great shoot all round.


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