Bruny Island 

Recently I went to Bruny Island (Bruny Island is a 362-square-kilometre island located off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. The island is separated from the Tasmanian mainland by the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, and its east coast lies within the Tasman Sea). Bruny Island was originally inhabited by the Aborigines until European arrival, although there is still a large community of people who identify as Aboriginal. Abel Tasman tried to land in the vicinity of Adventure Bay in November 1642.In 1773 Tobias Furneaux was the first recorded European to land on the island at Adventure Bay (named after his ship); four years later on 26 January 1777 James’s Cook’s two ships, the Resolution and Discovery stayed in the bay area for two days. Cook carved his initials in a tree that was destroyed in a 1905 bushfire and is now commemorated by a plaque. In 1788 and again in 1792 (with Matthew Flinders)William Bligh stayed in the Adventure Bay area.

The island itself however is named after the French explorer Bruni d’Entrecasteaux who explored the Channel region and discovered it to be an island in 1792.It was known as Bruni Island until 1918, when the spelling was changed to Bruny.

I had a great time here as usual but the accommodation I stayed at was dreadful, Bruny Island Eco Lodge it was a small crappy shack more like it.Gave them a bad review on and I dont usually do that sort of thing but I was very angry with this one, so beware of this place.Apart from that it was lovely, great food and ciders and beautiful views also a great cruise on a tour boat.The morning sunrises was a hit with me, getting quite a few, and a sailing ship the Enterprize anchored on the second day at Adventure Bay, which gave me some great opportunities to take some photos early in the morning, a step back in time photo shoot you could say. Hope you like some of the photos?

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